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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Osprey's Return Signals Start of Spring to Local Photographer

By Patrick Clancy.

I’m an avid amateur photographer and have sent you several photos of sunrises I have taken in the past. Last night, when I headed down to Calf Pasture Beach to get ready for the sunset (as I do every night ), I looked up at the osprey nest. The osprey is my favorite bird. It's amazing how far they migrate and always return to the same nest. They are just fascinating, and I use the osprey's return to signify that Spring has sprung!

Yesterday, to my surprise, the osprey had returned. I couldn’t wait to park the car and grab my camera and go over and take some pictures. I have to say I was in for a special treat. I took some awesome photos of the osprey gathering twigs and a very large branch which was three-to-four feet long, and fly back up to its nest to start rebuilding it.

At one point, the osprey was at head-level and flying right towards me and swooped down and scooped up a twig no more than 50 feet away from me. At another time, he/she flew about 20 feet right above my head as to say hello. It was really an amazing experience.

So, Paul, according to Pat Clancy's osprey calendar, Spring officially arrived 03/24/14. Enjoy the photos. It was a really amazing afternoon, and the sunset was pretty colorful as well.

Patrick Clancy